Rhythms for the Whole Being

Drumming for Kids

Children of all ages thrive on anything musical, which is why we give them rattles as soon as they are babies! Combining a mix of rhythmic games and exercises, Holistic Drum leads kids to play with different kinds of percussive instruments, as well as to have fun learning specific rhythms and melodies on the drum.

These rhythmic classes are designed for children to discover the rhythm that surrounds them and to integrate it into their lives, by learning to lead as well as to work together as a team. Through a series of songs, games, stories and music, kids are introduced to basic rhythmic & percussive techniques, including measure, tempo, Call & Response, the Rumble, the Pulse/Beat, and much more.

Many aspects of the rich culture of West African are also explored in these interactive and innovative lessons. All sessions for kids include African cultural/history/geography information on the origin of the drum and its music. Drumming is a great way to improve a child’s self-esteem while fostering a musical ground-work to last a lifetime; one they will always enjoy!

Holistic Drum currently works as part of the Steam Wheel Enrichment program, offering music classes in the Benicia Schools, as well as including private and group
 lessons, youth camps and drum circle facilitation.

Holistic Drum hosts fun, interactive and educational Playshops for Children and Adults
Contact Us for info, or to set up your customized session or playshop!

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