Rhythms for the Whole Being

Drum Circles


artsbeniciapano_smHolistic Drums Community Circles makes drumming a fun and rewarding experience. Drum Circles are an effective method of building community, creating teamwork and fostering confidence.

Through hands-on games and a set of basic rhythms, anyone can experience the power of the drum in no time!

Our Drum Circles are unique in that not only is there an intention set at the beginning, but each person is invited to participate in their own unique way, while they gain an understanding of how their individual sonic input contributes to the group dynamic and to the music as a whole.drum-circle332

With a series of games, call and response, stories and rhythms, participants come away with a greater understanding of themselves, their relationship to rhythm, and to the joy of percussion.

Holistic Drum’s Circles are customized to meet the audience’s specific needs. From corporate events, to team/community building, parties, weddings and more, Holistic Drum offers a fun and safe way to explore one’s musical skills!

Contact Hope to host your private, community or corporate event today!

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